MonAirNet | Strengthening the Austrian-Czech Republic Cross-Border Cooperation:
Impact Assessment of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the atmosphere


MONAIRNET Sampling Site:

  • Grünbach

Sampling site type:

  • background, rural

GPS coordinates:

  • 48°31'50.3"N, 14°34'30.2"E


  • 918 m

Sampling methods within the MONAIRNET project on this site:

  • Atmospheric Deposition
  • Active air sampling by directional high volume ambient air samplers
  • Passive Air Sampling
  • Needles Sampling (Passive Air Sampling)

Site Description:

The sampling site is situated on the top of a hill in a slightly undulated countryside, surrounded by agricultural, mostly arable, lands. Passive air samplers and atmospheric deposition samplers were deployed on the roof of a container, measuring the air quality, approximately 3m above the ground. Directional high volume air samplers for active air sampling were installed next to the container.

Possible pollution sources on this site are of anthropogenic origin - intensive agriculture, however domestic heating and local transport are less likely sources. The site is located away from residential areas.