MonAirNet | Strengthening the Austrian-Czech Republic Cross-Border Cooperation:
Impact Assessment of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the atmosphere


MONAIRNET Sampling Site:

  • Kleť

Sampling site type:

  • background, remote

GPS coordinates:

  • 48°51'50.0"N, 14°17'03.8"E


  • 1070 m

Sampling methods on this site within the MONAIRNET project:

  • Passive Air Sampling

Site Description:

The sampling site is situated south near the peak of the Kleť mountain in the grounds of an observatory. It is a summit location in the Natural Reserve Blanský les, approximately 30 km southwest of České Budějovice and 5 km north of Český Krumlov towns. Passive samplers were deployed on a steel construction approximately 1,5 meters above the ground.

The locality is classified as a mountain background site without any local sources of pollutants studied by this project.