MonAirNet | Strengthening the Austrian-Czech Republic Cross-Border Cooperation:
Impact Assessment of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the atmosphere

Lichtenberg Gis

MONAIRNET Sampling Site:

  • Lichtenberg Gis

Sampling site type:

  • background, rural

GPS coordinates:

  • 48°23'6.59"N, 14°15'16.08"E


  • 950 m

Sampling methods on this site within the MONAIRNET project:

  • Passive Air Sampling

Site Description:

The sampling site is located on a hill. The site is surrounded by forests without buildings. Passive samplers were deployed on a steel construction approximately 1,5 meters above the ground.

This sampling site can be classified as a rural background site without any local sources of pollutants studied by this project. City of Linz is located at about 10 km from the site, but the sampling site is outside the Linz main air masses flows.