MonAirNet | Strengthening the Austrian-Czech Republic Cross-Border Cooperation:
Impact Assessment of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the atmosphere


MONAIRNET Sampling Site:

  • Třebíč

Sampling site type:

  • background, suburban

GPS coordinates:

  • 49°13'24.4"N, 15°51'56.8"E


  • 462 m

Sampling methods within the MONAIRNET project on this site:

  • Passive Air Sampling

Site Description:

The sampling site is situated at a northwest outskirts of the Třebíč city, on the grounds of the Secondary School of Agriculture, Žižkova 505/2, Třebíč. The samplers were placed on the mast within the slope up to 8% in a not very dense build-up area of one floor high family dwellings, in the vicinity of a small water reservoir. Passive samplers were deployed on a steel construction of the meteorological mast approximately 5 meters above the ground.

The site represents a city background. Solid fuels combustion for domestic heating is likely the determining source of studied pollutants.