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Nová publikace založená na datech projektu

Baráková, D., Sharma, A., Chropeňová, M., Čupr, P., 2018. A novel screening method to identify air pollution by genotoxic compounds. Environ. Pollut. 234, 473–479. doi: 10.1016/j.envpol.2017.11.061


Genotoxic compounds, as common contaminants of the air environment, are of interest in air pollution monitoring. There are several methods to determine the level of these contaminants in different localities, many of which may be difficult to access with the use of conventional active and passive samplers. In the present study, the needles Pinus mugo Turra and Picea abies were used to monitor sampling localities in Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Needles were extracted and chemical analysis and the genotoxicity bioassay SOS chromotest were used to obtain complex information about the chemical mixture of pollutants present and their genotoxic effects. The SOS chromotest method was optimized by using a CPRG chromogenic substrate to reduce the false positive genotoxic effect of needle extracts. Pinus mugo Turra and Picea abies were identified as suitable passive sampling matrices for long-term air monitoring using the same plants sampled at the same time. The presented study brings an innovative method for the fast screening and identification of localities loaded by genotoxic active air contaminants.